Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why Aluminum prices to drop in July?

Why Aluminum prices to drop in July?
Aluminum prices, though rebounding from six-year low thanks to China’s efforts to stabilize plummeting stock market, still face downward pressure from poor market fundamentals, predicts. 

Expansions of low-cost new capacity are exacerbating already oversupplied market. For example, Xinjiang Qiya Aluminum just put online 250,000-tpy capacity, which will bring its total operational capacity up to 850,000-tpy by the end of July. 

Xinjiang East Hope is in the process of commissioning its 900,000-tpy new project. More capacities might enter operations once aluminum prices become attractive. Small-scale production cuts have been reported in Henan, but these are just a tip of the iceberg in relation to overwhelming capacity in operation.  

Aluminum demand has taken a hit by sluggish housing market and falling automobile production and sales. The situation will worsen as the off-season deepens. 

Aluminum costs fell this year, thanks to growing use of captive power, preferential power tariffs offered by local government, as well as lower coal and alumina prices. This will act as another drag on aluminum prices.

Source: SMM

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