Friday, February 19, 2016

S&P and Distressed Debt Issuers

It's definitely different this time...
The 2008 analog lines the current trajectory up with August 2008 right after Treasury Secretary Paulson told the world reassuringly that:
"Our economy has got very strong long-term fundamentals. And you know, your policy-makers and regulators here - we're very vigilant."
And we all know what happened next...
S&P and Distressed Debt Issuers

Could never happen again?
Yeah you're probably right...
S&P and Distressed Debt Issuers

If "everything's fixed," then why is the number of distressed debt issuers still the highest "since Lehman."
S&P and Distressed Debt Issuers
And the answer is not - it's just energy and it's different this time.

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