Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Alcoa modernizes aerospace industries

Alcoa modernizes aerospace industries
The company, has also planned on to install modern manufacturing facilities in its plants, in order to ensure the high performance of aluminum-lithium plate as well as thick aluminum which is to be used in various applications including, fuselage frames as well as wing ribs.
The company’s investment in the plant would also include the installation aluminum plate stretcher, which would be used in the production of the commodities. The main use of the stretching process in the material is that, this procedure would, make the part of the plate, to be easily processed as well as machined. This brand new technique and method would enable the production of largest as well as high strength monolithic wing ribs in the whole aluminum industry.
Large wing ribs posses lack of strength and stiffness in the product. But in the case of the products produced in Alcoa, the aluminum stretcher would make sure that such a pressure does not take place in the produce.
The President of Alcoa Aerospace, Transportation and Industrial Products, Mark Vrablec, stated that,  the project intiated by the company, would be its key to progress in the aerospace industry. 

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