Thursday, January 22, 2015

Morgan Stanley forecast 24 percent hike in copper price

Morgan Stanley forecast 24 percent hike in copper price
The bank, which is based in New York had been stuck with its bullish view, stating that the copper metal, which is a preferred commodity, will increase by about 24 percent to 7,049 dollars per tonne, by the end of the current year. Morgan Stanley, stated in a report that, the bank has no evidence on the collapse of demand in copper
The value of the commodity, declined to 6.2percent last week, which was the biggest decline since the year 2011, after the World Bank cut down its forecast for the world economy. The decline in energy prices has also affected the price of metal prices, by declining the cost of production, forcing the companies to cut down the price, stated Morgan Stanley.
Tom Price stated on his report that, the bank stays bullish regarding the copper outlook. The bank also stated that, it was surprised on the latest move by copper price. The almost 50 percent decline in the price of the oil, over the past year, has also declined the production cost copper by about 5 percent. From July 2014 to 12th January 2015, the 90 percent of changes in the price of copper is due to the change in price of oil. But last week the connection between the two commodities broke, the value of copper declined to fast to too low.

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