Sunday, May 25, 2014

Global Trade Tumbles Most In 5 Years.

Do not look at this chart if you remain of the opinion that everything is fine in the world. For the 3rd time in the last 4 months, world trade volumes dropped. The 0.5% fall in March - it must have been weathery all over the world? - continues the biggest plunge in global trade since May 2009. As WSJ reports, exports from developing economies in Asia recorded the largest decline, a drop of 4.5%. Central and Eastern Europe was the only region to record a rise in exports as the decline in trade flows is consistent with other evidence that suggests the global economy got off to a weak start this year. So, $12 trillion of global money printing and world trade is unable to sustain growth...

The last 4 month shave seen the biggest tumble in world trade since the financial crisis...
Global Trade Tumbles Most In 5 Years

As World Trade has decoupled from the money-printing mania of the central banks as transmission mechanisms everywhere are saturated and broken...
Global Trade Tumbles Most In 5 Years

Must mean that the central planners just need to print more?

Charts: Bloomberg

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