Thursday, June 26, 2014

Citi Warns US Equities Are Facing A Pullback

US equity indices are showing signs that a pullback may be developing, Citi's FX Technicals group notes, as the S&P 500 Index, the NASDAQ Composite Index and the Dow Industrials Index all posted bearish key days yesterday. A short-term correction on the order of 3%-6% may be developing on the back of this.
The Dow Transports Index, which has been the leading US equity Index this year, has already been showing signs of stress as well. The VIX Index is also turning higher from low levels and should head up towards at least 14% if not 18% if the pullback in equities materializes.

Citi Warns US Equities Are Facing A Pullback

The US S&P 500 Index posted a bearish key day at the trend highs yesterday. (The last bearish key day at trend highs back in April was followed by a high to low move of -4.4%.) Daily momentum also turned lower and negative momentum divergence has developed (though not triple divergence).
A short-term pullback towards supports around 1920-1925, the converging channel bottom and recent low, appears likely at this point. A break below there then opens the way to good supports around 1900, which would result in a high to low correction of around 4%.
At this point our bias is that a short-term pullback to the above supports would not be out of line within the overall trend higher (markets don’t move in straight lines after all). However, a deeper correction, which is not yet our base case, could see a pullback towards the 1814-1820 area (converging April low and 200 day moving average, which has not been tested since 2012).
Other equity markets are also showing signs of stress.

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