Saturday, July 12, 2014

Commex trades not speculative if commodity transaction tax's paid

Commex trades not speculative if commodity transaction tax's paid
Traders and business houses which traded commodities exempt from commodity transaction tax (CTT) on recognised commexes and adjusted losses or gains arising from such transactions against business income or losses will not be allowed to offset such transactions any longer.
This is because the Budget spells out that such offsetting of transactions can be done only in respect of commodities traded on recognised associations (by CBDT) and on which CTT has been paid. This will be applied retrospectively from April 2014. Such transactions have been declared as non-speculative or eligible ones for offsetting.
Earlier, if CBDT recognised a commex that collected CTT, all transactions done on it were deemed non-speculative. But the government has now modified the previous rule, in line with a notification in January this year, that only transactions done on a CBDT recognised exchange and on which CTT has been paid are not speculative, explained Anil Mishra, MD & CEO, Ahmedabad-based commex NMCE.
However, another commex official on condition of anonymity, said a trader will also continue to be able to adjust business loss/profit against that from non-CTT commodity futures contract so long as these transactions result in delivery.
Section 43(5) of the income tax deems transactions in commodity, including stocks and shares, but excluding derivatives on recognised stock bourses, as speculative if they do not result in delivery.
Speculative loss/gain can be offset only against speculative loss/gain and carried forward for 4 years, while non-speculative gain/loss can be offset against speculative loss/gain and business loss/gain and carried forward for 8 years.
CTT was announced by the UPA government in the Budget for FY14 and began to be imposed from July last year.

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